Noise assessment reports for planning applications are one of Hawkins Environmental's core services.

Hawkins Environmental have a proven track record in all aspects of noise and vibration measurement and control, with all of their technical staff Members of the Institute of Acoustics. Hawkins have access to state-of-the-art digital noise and vibration measurement equipment to ensure the most accurate results and the best possible solutions. As specialists in environmental noise surveys, Hawkins frequently prepare noise assessment reports for planning applications and planning conditions, all across the country and frequently liaise with Planning Officers to help gain planning permission.

Typical noise related services offered by Hawkins include:

  • Noise & Vibration surveys for housing developments (PPG 24)
  • Plant noise impact assessments (including air con units, kitchen extract fans, biomass boilers etc)
  • Noise assessments for pubs and clubs
  • Plant room noise assessments, including the assessment of noise breakout and noise transmission through party walls and floors
  • Transportation noise impact assessments
  • Noise barrier design
  • Construction noise & vibration assessments


Noise Surveys for Housing

Noise Measurements Surveys for housing developments under the former PPG 24 guidance is one of the most common acoustics services required in the UK. If a housing development is to be built in a noisy area, whether close to a road, railway, airport or industrial noise source such as a factory or wind turbine, the Local Planning Authority will often request that a noise survey is carried out to see whether the site is suitable for residential use and to determine whether an additional measures (e.g. noise barriers, acoustic glazing, ventilation etc) will be required to ensure a good level of internal amenity.

Noise surveys typically take place over a twenty-four hour period on a typical weekday. Hawkins Environmental has access to a range of noise measurement equipment, suitable for most noise measurement situations. Sometime Local Planning Authorities will ask for accompanying vibration measurements, which Hawkins Environmental can also provide.

Hawkins Environment has a wealth of measurement experience and our personnel have conducted a range of noise measurement surveys across the UK and Ireland. We are also well experienced in the design and recommendation of a range of acoustic solutions to assist in achieving a good level of noise at your site, and ultimately planning approval.


Plant Noise Impact Assessments

Condensing units, air conditioning units, kitchen extract fans and biomass boilers all are commonly positioned close to houses in our towns and city centres. Concern can arise when new items of plant are installed and Local Planners often ask for noise impact assessments for these items of plant to ensure that they will not impact upon local residents.

Hawkins Environmental would normally conduct noise measurements in the vicinity of your site at the quietest time that the plant would be operational, then use the results of the noise measurements and noise data from the specific items of plant to predict the likely noise levels at the closest dwellings. Using commonly accepted criteria, Hawkins Environmental can then determine the acceptability of the plant noise. If necessary, Hawkins Environmental can offer a range of advice to help reduce the noise from the plant to help achieve planning approval and can help advise on suitable products (such as enclosures, attenuators and barriers) to mitigate noise.

We can conduct noise impact assessments on a range of plant including:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Air conditioning units
  • Condensers
  • Ventilation fans
  • Compressors
  • Generators
  • Refrigeration units
  • Kitchen extract fans

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